Probable Water Outage - Springer Area

We will be working on the main line from the Gene Autry water plant to the Springer area Friday, February 9.  Water service will off and on throughout the day as we repair several leaks on this line.  The areas affected will be north and south of Hwy 53 from Gene Autry to Deese Road.

Water Outage in Springer area

Let's try this again, in order to fix several leaks along the main line from Gene Autry to Springer, we will turn the water off 12/29/2017.  We will begin as soon after 8am as possible and proceed throughout the day.  The areas affected will be from Gene Autry to Deese Rd along Hwy 53 and customers north and south along this route.  Customers will have low water pressure or no water for most of the day.

We appreciate your patience as we fix these leaks.